Due to a childhood illness (rheumatic fever) which makes movement of any kind painful, and having reading difficulties, both parents worked full-time, which meant I had nearly a year by myself. I started to watch my thoughts and feelings which led me to discover my inner world. 

During a stressful time, my dreams gave me guidance and solutions to my problems. In 1973 I met Tony Crisp www.dreamhawk.com and studied with him, how to work and gain information from my dreams. This work gave birth to my creativity that I use constantly as a way of processing, understanding, creating and healing.

I work using various skills to meet the individuals need, which could be counselling, using art for therapy or following body movements. It is the clients who have their own answers. I use my skills for them to discover them.


Diploma in PI (Postural Intergration) UK. 

Diploma in Pycho-Spiritual Counselling completed in Glastonbury in the UK.

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, Phoenix Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Certificate 1 Basics & II Mapping in AIT Energy Psychology.

In 1982 Diane Bristow taught me embroidery, all the rest of my work you see here and in the gallery, has created itself. I am not trained formally as a visual artist, being hindered by multi-sensory dyslexia, but not inhibited in my creativity.

© 2018 Brenda Alexis Blake

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